Good morning Members

We sincerely appreciate your ongoing support during this time. Your kind messages and offers to volunteer really mean a lot to our team. 

Unfortunately this week, we undertook the incredibly difficult task of standing down the majority of our team. To be clear, all are still employed by Links and we are very much looking forward to better times when we can have all of our wonderful staff return. 

The focus of the small number of staff who remain on site is to have something that both yourselves as members and that of our team to come back to.

So, what are we able to operate at the moment? 

  • Golf Operations remains the only activity that is permissible to function, however the Range is closed until further notice. 
  • 1st Tee Time- 7am. Last 18 hole tee time – 12pm. 
  • After 12pm, if you are using a Links Cart, this will need to be returned NO later than 3.30pm. 
  • Comps will operate only on Tues, Thurs & Sat. No Nearest the pins/long drives. 
  • Golf Shop will close at 2.30pm daily.
  • Twilight members will be able to access the course from midday, providing you are returning your cart at 3.30pm. 
  • Currently our liquor licence allows for the sale of take home purchases. Not to be consumed on the premises. Ask Des for a price!!!!  

 In addition to all other safety precautions, we have implemented further measures for your safety and well being and we would sincerely appreciate your cooperation. These are already in effect.

  • Entry through the side door of Golf Shop…
  • Keep safe distance from your fellow members and guests. 1.5m spacing has been marked on the floor. 
  • Exit through the door that faces the Fountain Court. 
  • No Rakes. Simply use your foot or club to smooth area- preferred lies apply. (Note we have only 4 staff on maintenance from now so please be understanding that we are not getting to everything – we are just trying to keep going whilst we can!)

We ask that you continue to observe all other health and hygiene precautions. 

  • Regularly wash hands (min 20 sec). If you can’t wash your hands, use the sanitiser provided (or own). 
  • Refrain touching your face – this is an efficient way for germ transition. 
  • Sneeze/cough into your elbow. If you use a tissue, please thoughtfully dispose of it. 
  • Increase personal distance. 
  • If you feel unwell whilst you are at the Club, please inform our staff. You will be asked to leave in the interest and safety of others. Please call your medical practitioner for advice.
  • Do not play if you are not well. Think of others! 
  • All members/guests/staff must abide by the government self isolation guidelines and not come to the club for 14 days from arrival/return to the country. This applies to all international travel, inclusive of cruise ships. 
  • Leave the flag stick in. 
  • We are no longer accepting cash. Card or account only. 
  • Daily staff temperature checks.

We appreciate that many are wondering what will happen with your memberships in the event of a forced lock down, we will be communicating in the coming days. 

 If you have any queries, please feel free to contact me by email. 



Tracey-Lea Tiley