Evening all

I am sure you are reading various pieces of communication and are finding it difficult to know which way is up. 

Golf Australia this afternoon made a statement providing their recommendations for all courses to close immediately until further notice. 

I must stress that these are recommendations only and are not enforced by the QLD State Government. This communication has been misleading to say the least. 

Below is the page that the QLD Golf Industry is following. Currently, and unless superseded overnight the QLD Government still advocates the operation of golf courses. 

QLD Business Link

But. We must be responsible.

– Absolutely NO loitering.

– Arrive NO earlier than 10 mins before your tee time. 

– Max 2 people per group.

– Keep minimum 1.5 distance. 

– Exercise all previous hygiene precautions. 

– 2 Max in Golf Shop. In side door, exit Fountain Court Door. 

– if you are over 70, do you need to play golf? Self isolation strongly urged. You are high risk. Please don’t risk yourself or others. 

We are doing our best to continue to operate within the given restrictions in the interest of your health and that of our staff. We ask you to do the same. 

Thank you for your support and cooperation, 


Tracey-Lea Tiley