April, 2020 Monthly archive

Good evening Members Very good question! With virus containment, this is something I am asked increasingly. A question if I’m honest I am not qualified to answer, but I’ll give it my best! We are working under the guidelines of … Read More

Morning Members Another week has passed and you have all been successfully handling spatial requirements and the frustrating limitations on socialising the way we would have once. We too miss the sound of laughter, cheers and jeers amongst friends.  As … Read More

Dear members,

Firstly, we would like to offer our continued appreciation for the vast majority of you who have been gracious, supportive and understanding during this period of uncertainty. The kind words, genuine thanks, and personal gestures from … Read More

Evening all,

To start on a positive, it has been truly humbling to see your commitment to our club in recent weeks. An overwhelming response to a suggestion from on of our members to Adopt -a- hole has … Read More

Dear Members  We have managed extremely well for almost 4 weeks with this unusual situation that has befallen us. Thank you for your support.  However, we are starting to see a relaxation of the ‘gathering interpretation’ and some other procedures … Read More

Thanks to Russell who has created a wonderful poem about the little things we all take for granted. Enjoy! 

  Little Things

T’was late summer when things started to change No more shaking hands and keep … Read More