Dear members 

In the interest of transparency and keeping everyone updated we would like to provide the following information from GCCC and our Engineers. 

We are now required by GCCC Hydraulic Department to undertake further detailed impact analysis including quantification and commentary on ‘afflux’ isolated from our project. This is an additional step beyond a traditional impact assessment. Reports from our engineer state that this type of request is becoming more frequently requested in particular by GCCC. 

What this means to us, is that our Hydraulic Engineer is now preparing a lot of manual results analysis and collation which will delay the project several weeks. Council are aware of the growing urgency and impact on our Membership. To this point, we have been advised that our OPW application has priority once the additional RFI has been lodged. We are still hopeful of a pre-Christmas commencement and our contractor has confirmed his availability to work through the holiday period should we get the go ahead.

If you have any queries regarding the planning of the new 9th and Driving Range, please feel free to contact myself directly for information. 

Best regards,