The Golf Course Maintenance Team has commenced work on addressing compaction and thin grass on fairways. 

A big thanks to Danny Stack from Windaroo Lakes who has loaned us his new Verti-Quake machine!

Q. What is a verti-quake and what does it do? 

A. The Verti-Quake machine is another great way to alleviate compaction, improve water infiltration, air exchange, and produce a much healthier turfgrass soil profile.  Sometimes referred to as vertical decompaction, the large blades of this machine slowly enter the ground vertically in an alternating pattern which creates both vertical and horizontal fracturing of the soil profile.  This “wave action” fracturing creates the air-space in the soil for roots to thrive. 

Following this procedure, gypsum will be applied. Gypsum is used to reduce soil compaction, improve soil structure, increase air movement, and prevent reduce water run-off. It also has the ability to dislodge salt in the soil and this may be the most useful of all because of the damaging effects salt has on lawns and plant materials in the landscape.

This will create some disturbance to the playing surface and a local rule will be in play to provide relief. Details will be located in the Shop and on the NoticeBoards on the 1st & 10th Hole.