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This Soulful Session Is A Powerful Piece Of Sound Healing Artistry by Boho Spirit & Sound Journeys. Through learning the art of “Unwinding” we shed a layer together and rebirth with light Breath work and Yin Yoga, Followed by a handcrafted Sound Healing Session by Lauren Siafas using many instruments from Bali and Sri Lanka intertwined, Delivering you through a journey of deep rest. Lauren will guide you with her soulful voice to a place of bliss, inspiration and a heightened place of stillness. The Sound healing journey will be working on a vibrational level taking you through each chakra – helping you expand inwards to your inner soul allowing you to feel free and full of purpose – the sound healing will take you on a magic carpet ride to your heart and true purpose of your soul. You will come into a beautiful place of Discovery, Recovery and Rediscovery.
Single Ticket $45 OR Early Bird Spirit Investment 2 Tickets for $75
Instructor: Lauren




Soraya has been teaching Zumba® Fitness to all ages for over 13 years overseas and now based in the Gold Coast. She continues to share her own latin culture and passion for this amazing workout that has so many benefits, not only for your body but for your mind, soul and heart. Soraya brings the authentic Zumba® program, originally from South America, so you are guaranteed to be guided in an invigorating, community-oriented dance-fitness class that feels fresh and most of all FUN.
$15 per session or $65 for 5 classes
No booking required.

Instructor: Soraya
Contact Soraya



Energize yourself with Qigong beginner classes. Flow through coordinated body-posture and movement, breathing, and meditation. Qigong is a form of martial-arts training improving health, spirituality and clarity.
$15 per session
Contact Scott for Bookings and Enquiries

Instructor: Scott
0478 895 768


Hatha Yoga*

Trish teaches an integrated and alignment based style of yoga aimed at wellbeing, flexibility and strength, balanced with breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation techniques based on ancient yogic wisdom.
*The last Saturday each month Trish holds Restorative Yoga in place of Hatha.
$15 per class – packages available
No booking required
Instructor: Trish


Over 50’s Yoga

This program includes alignment-based yoga poses and body movement as a means to empower students to build strength, flexibility and balance. Props are included in the practice to facilitate, self-regulate and manage illness, injuries and challenges if needed. Relaxation, meditation and breathing techniques are included in each class. The special skills provided by Yoga will empower yoga practitioners physically, emotionally and mentally to age well; and by working with the subtle aspects of yoga, be joyful and happy.
$15 per session
Contact Gay for Bookings and Enquiries

Instructor: Gay
0405 593 316


Vipassana Meditation Group Sitting

Immerse yourself in Vipassana meditation and achieve peace of mind and live a happy, productive life. It is learned by attending a 10-day residential course with a qualified teacher. *This class is exclusively for experienced Vipassana students.
No booking required
Call or text Ellen for Enquires

Host: Ellen
0498 998 928


Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is like no other experience. It takes you within your deepest self to find peace & freedom from your mind & self-restrictions. Opening melting through your stiffness, creating an influx of Chi/energy flow to stimulate your organ function create spatial & self-awareness. The first Sunday of each month, Yin Yoga is combined with Sound Therapy with a higher potential to penetrate and shift the greater water content of the body.
$15 per session
No booking required

Instructor: Karen
0422 205 586


Tai Chi

Tai Chi Chuan, an ancient martial art form, has multiple health benefits and they have shown to be the key to improving your health and well being. The class structure is well balanced, starting with a gentle warm up, followed by single breathing movements and the Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan form which contains graceful, soft flowing movements bringing harmony, relaxation and strength.
$15 per session – packages available
Contact Iris for Bookings and Enquiries

Instructor: Iris
0432 951 228


Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar yoga is based on the teachings of yoga master B.K.S. Iyengar (author of numerous books including the definitive guide, Light on Yoga). The method of study of Iyengar yoga is progressive with an emphasis on precision and form in order to maintain a balance between flexibility, strength, and relaxation. Through intelligent alignment, sequencing of asanas and timing in the poses, the practice of Iyengar yoga can safely lead beginner and advanced students alike to a mindful practice that is absorbed with attention so that the mind and body work together. Oftentimes props are used to allow the practitioner to go deeper in the asana, adapt to an individual’s needs, make an otherwise challenging asana attainable, or to provide support. In addition to his many innovations that are utilised throughout the modern world of yoga such as props, B.K.S. Iyengar developed therapeutic and restorative yoga that utilize the practice of asana and pranayama for deep relaxation and healing.
$15 per session – packages available
Contact Bobo for Bookings and Enquiries

Instructor: Bobo
0451 268 806


Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga flows from one pose to another synchronising each movement to the breath and concentrates more on the breath and movement than the alignment of each pose, so you can escape your mind, move your body and go with the flow. You can flow as hard or easy as you like and as variations are given for harder poses, this class is suitable for beginners through to advanced. Vinyasa is a perfect way to workout and de-stress at the same time.
$12.50 per session
No booking required

Instructor: Wendy


Bookings and payments are taken by instructors exclusively.

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