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An authentic experience combining ancient wisdom with the drive to better your wellbeing

Indulge in tranquility at our in-house Yoga Now studio, where specialized teachers will guide you through classes designed to unify your body and mind towards enabling your discovery of a more authentic sense of self.

Our approach is grounded in the time-honoured practices that comprise the lineage of yoga, and we welcome both beginners and those with more experience. Our Hatha Yoga classes will focus on increasing flexibility, strength and wellness using traditional Asana postures and Dhyana meditation. 

Yoga Now Trish Stone


Tuesday Gentle Hatha Yoga Classes will be taking a short break from Wednesday 12th June and returning Tuesday 9th July 2024.

Hatha Yoga

Trish teaches an integrated and alignment-based style of yoga aimed at wellbeing, flexibility and strength, balanced with breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation techniques based on ancient yogic wisdom.


SATURDAYS – 8 AM to 9.30 AM

$16 per class 

$70 for 5 classes

No booking required

Instructor: Trish

Gentle Hatha Yoga

If you are stressed, not flexible or unfit – you’ve come to the right place!

The classes are for any age, gender, size or shape. They are challenging, but not impossible.

You will leave feeling relaxed and flexible – mentally as well as physically.

In each class, we work together to tone legs and arms, strengthen core muscles, increase energy and improve balance.

The weight of our own body is used to provide strength training.

The stretching helps with flexibility by lengthening the spine and moving each joint through its full range of motion.

Balance and coordination will improve and help to prevent falls.

With the emphasis on breathing, relaxation techniques and focusing on the present moment, this is a natural, no-pill way to reduce and manage stress.

These classes will help to keep you young in body, mind and spirit.

TUESDAY – 10:00 AM to 11:15 AM – Instructor: Jenni

THURSDAY – 10:00 AM to 11:15 AM – Instructor: Gay

$14 per class / $60 for 5 class pack

Cash payment or Bank Transfer on the day.

For more information, please contact Links Golf & Wellbeing Reception.

We would love to see you join in and discover the benefits of yoga for yourself!


Prior to Class

  • If you can’t avoid being late come in quietly and try not to disturb the class
  • Please bring a towel to classes that require studio equipment
  • Don’t wear strong perfume as it can affect other’s breathing
  • Drink plenty of water before the class
  • Be respectful of other classes in session
  • Leave shoes outside the door
  • Turn off phones before class

Covid Safe Studio

  • Please bring a towel to classes that require studio equipment
  • Please sanitise your hands upon arriving at the studio
  • Use self-cleaning stations (eco-friendly) to wipe down ALL equipment after use
  • Be courteous of others and practice safe social distancing
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